Patio Cover Benefits

Enjoy all the benefits of a patio cover. A new patio cover is one of the most affordable home improvement projects for home owners. Patio covers provide many benefits and years of pleasurable use. If you’re thinking of adding a patio cover onto your home. Read the all the benefits below that can be yours.

Patio Covers Extend Living Space ‑ Bring the comforts of indoors outdoors with a new patio cover. Patio covers can be easily installed virtually anywhere to add on comfortable living space. You can convert an old deck into a relaxing get‑away. Want another kitchen? Create a patio kitchen under to your patio cover. Turn a scorching hot porch into a shady retreat. Give the kids a safe place to play protected from harmful UV rays. There is so much you can do under your patio cover, you’ll find yourself living and enjoying the outdoors like never before.

Control Degrees of Sun & Shade ‑ You control how much sun shade your patio area recieves throughout the day with the addition of a lattice patio cover. By simply adjusting lattice tube spacing, a shade factor of 60‑40 percent can be achieved. Create the perfect combination of sun shade for your outdoor plants. Design a patio cover that reduces the amount of UV rays. Or choose to eliminate UV rays all together with a solid insulated patio cover. You’ll stay cooler and sun burn free during the summer and comfortably dry on rainy days.

Aluminum Benefits ‑ Aluminum patio covers are kind to the environmen. With aluminum material your patio cover has long lasting durability. Unlike other patio cover material choices, aluminum patio covers never rot, rust, fade, chip, or crack. This means you’ll be helping the environment by building a patio cover that is made of 100% recyclable material and needs no harmful toxins to maintain a like new features.

Fire Resistance ‑ Aluminum patio covers are fire resistant. Fires devour wood, warp metal, and melt vinyl. That leaves aluminum as your best material option for your patio cover. When you choose an aluminum patio cover by California Sunrooms, you enjoy the peace of mind it provides.

The Perfect Vacation Destination is Right at Home ‑ Enjoy a travel‑free destination any time of year under your patio cover. Your patio cover provides an inexpensive, convenient get‑away option. Unlike any beach umbrella, your patio cover will bring relief from the hot sun or sudden rain storms. Enjoy backyard grilling under your patio cover. A solid patio cover over your barbeque grill means you are ready to barbeque any time of the year. Avoid standing in lines for at airports and invite your friends and family over to enjoy the comforts of patio living. You’ll save money, time, and travel frustrations when you can enjoy the perfect vacations right at home.

Add Value to Your Home ‑ Increase the resale value of your home with this affordable home improvement. Patio covers are a great addition to homes that are for sale. Pass on the benefits of owning a patio cover along with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is fully transferable. This is truly a patio renovation project that pays for itself!