Patio Cover EndCuts & Color Options

Give your California patio cover personality. Match your patio cover with your home’s architecture. Patio cover rafter end‑cut styles and color choices allow you to design a patio cover that suits your style.

Patio Cover End‑Cuts

Define the visual impact of your patio cover with your choice of rafter end‑cut styles. There is a tremendous range of design possibilities for your California patio cover with a choice of four custom end‑cut options:

  • Corbel End‑Cut for a stately and sophisticated patio cover design.
  • Scallop End‑Cut for traditional curves and timeless beauty.
  • Bevel End‑Cut for sharp lines and simplistic contemporary attractiveness.
  • Miter End‑Cut for a rustic appearance and atmosphere.

Aluminum Patio Cover Color Choices

Since your California patio cover will never need repainting, you’re choice of patio cover color is one you should carefully consider. Would you like to match your home’s exterior paint or allow your patio cover to stand out against your home? Even consider mixing and matching two of our patio cover colors to accentuate the various colors of your home. With a large palette of designer colors, it is easy to design a patio cover that perfectly complements your California home.

  • White
  • Spanish Brown
  • Mojave Tan
  • Latte
  • Champagne
  • Cameo
  • Almond
  • Adobe